Can I Put Sky Go On My Smart TV?

If you’re a Sky customer, you may be wondering if you can watch your favourite channels on your smart TV. The good news is that it is possible to do this! In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of streaming Sky Go on your smart TV. Keep reading for more information.

What is Sky Go?

Sky Go is a streaming service from Sky that allows you to watch live TV and on-demand content from your laptop, smartphone or tablet. It offers a wide range of channels and programmes including sports, movies and entertainment.

It is a paid subscription service from Sky, which as we’ll see below is why it’s not so easy to get it onto your smart TV.

How to get Sky Go on your Smart TV

Getting Sky Go onto your Smart TV is not as simple as downloading the app from the store, or connecting an HDMI cable to your laptop and watching content this way. The easiest way is to purchase a compatible Sky box and connect it to your TV. If for whatever reason you don’t have a Sky Box, we’re going to look at the only other way you can get Sky Go on your Smart TV.

Can I put Sky Go on my Smart TV

You can watch Sky Go in a roundabout way, but it isn’t particularly straightforward. Sky Go is not supported directly on smart TVs, but it can be streamed using an HDMI cable and a laptop.

How do I get Sky Go on my Smart TV?

  • Download the latest version of the Sky Go app onto your laptop.
  • Sign in to Sky Go and choose the content you want to watch.
  • Connect your laptop to your TV via an HDMI cable.
  • On your laptop, click the Windows icon in the bottom left, then select the cog icon which is ‘settings’.
  • Select ‘Display’ then scroll down to ‘Multiple Displays
  • Click ‘detect display’ – this will find your Smart TV
  • Your laptop and TV will then be given numbers by your laptop
  • If your TV is designated as display 2, select the option ‘show only on 2’. (Make sure you only display it on your TV. If you display on 2 screens at once your laptop’s processor will have a hard time and your picture quality and frame rate may be very bad.
  • Click Apply and you should be good to go.
  • Enjoy streaming Sky Go on your smart TV!


If Sky Go is still only displaying on your laptop, you may have your display numbers mixed up. Go back to the third from the last step above and try ‘show only on 1.

Did this work for you? Let us know in the comments section below. We hope you now have a better understanding of how to watch Sky Go on your smart TV.

Can I watch Sky Go abroad?

Unfortunately, Sky Go is only available in the UK and Ireland, so you won’t be able to stream it while travelling abroad.

Can I stream sky go on Firestick?

No. There is no out-of-the-box app available for Sky Go on Amazon Firestick. That being said, you can use a workaround to watch Sky Go content on your Firestick. You will need to install an app like Downloader, and then input the URL of the Sky Go website into this app. The downside is that features such as Sky Sports are not available when streaming through this method.

Can I watch Sky Go on my old CTR TV?

Yes, it is possible to watch Sky Go on an older CRT TV. You will need a Roku streaming device or a compatible Sky box with an HDMI connection. If you have neither of these, you can use a laptop connected to your TV via an HDMI cable. However, this method may not be as reliable due to the age of your TV.

Can I cast Sky Go to my TV using Chromecast

Casting Sky Go to a Smart TV, also known as screen mirroring is currently not an option. Sky Go is only available on smartphones and tablets, so if you want to watch it on your TV you will need to use one of the methods mentioned in the article.

Where are Sky Go downloads stored on a PC

Sky Go downloads are stored in the Sky folder on your computer. To find this, go to ‘My Computer’ or ‘This PC’, and in the left panel of the window, you will see a list with all installed drives. Select ‘Local Disk (C:)’ to expand it, and then scroll down until you find the Sky folder.

Where are Sky Go downloads stored on Android?

Sky Go downloads are stored in the ‘Downloads’ folder on your Android device. To find this, open up your device’s file browser and select ‘internal storage’. Click into the ‘Download’ folder and here you will see all of your Sky Go downloads.

To access these files, click on them to open them or tap and hold to select them. You can then move, copy and delete as you please. Note that the download folder may be located in a different place if you have changed your device’s storage location settings. Make sure to check all local file locations for your downloads.

Where are Sky Go downloads stored on iPad

Sky Go downloads are stored in the ‘Downloads’ folder on your iPad. To find this, open up the ‘Files’ app on your device and select ‘iCloud Drive’. Scroll down to the ‘On My iPad’ folder, then click into the ‘Downloads’ folder. Here you will see all of your Sky Go downloads.

What’s Sky Go Extra?

Sky Go Extra is an upgraded service of Sky’s standard streaming app, which allows you to download TV programmes and films to watch offline. It also gives you access to more devices – including game consoles, Roku and Chromecast – so that you can enjoy Sky content on multiple screens without an extra subscription. Additionally, it lets you register up to four devices on one account, so that your entire family can watch on different devices simultaneously. Sky Go Extra is available as an add-on to existing Sky TV packages.

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