Best Apps for EV Charging Stations in the UK

Electric vehicles moved from rarities on the roads to mainstream on the motorways in the UK in just a few short years. Driving an electric car comes with several perks not least, the mere thought of ditching petrol and doing your bit for a cleaner environment is highly attractive to many. However, driving an electric vehicle means you’ll have to deal with charging points now and then.

As an electric car driver in the UK it would be wise to acquaint yourself with the best EV charging stations in your area or indeed throughout the country if you do long haul driving. That’s where EV charging apps come in. And no the app doesn’t charge your car. It simply tells you where the charging points are.

Having an app on your Android or iOS device that helps you locate the nearest public charging points during your journey is practically a necessity, and this article is all about the best EV charging apps on the market.

For a charging app to rank among the best in the UK, it should:

  • be an efficient route planner;
  • locate public charging stations accurately;
  • integrate with car apps and mobile routing apps like Apple CarPlay, Google Maps, and Android Auto;
  • work with one or more reliable and widespread charging networks in the UK; and,
  • have considerable reach across the United Kingdom.

Here are the best EV charging apps we have found:

Chargeplace Scotland

When it comes to widespread availability, Chargeplace Scotland fits the bill perfectly. This EV charging network is run by the Scottish Government and has highly accessible charging points countrywide. With over 2,000 charge points, you will not run out of options if you use Chargeplace Scotland.

Users must download the app and register an account to access charge points through this supplier. Occasionally, the location of charge points on this app can be inaccurate. Also, users who do not have a Chargeplace Scotland account cannot access its map.


Bonnet is easily one of the best car charging apps in the UK and Europe. Unlike others, Bonnet displays chargers from several charging networks – more than 17 at the last count.

No longer will you have to download several electric car charging apps in case of any emergencies. The Bonnet app, like Sauron’s One Ring in The Lord of the Rings, unifies chargers from multiple networks and offers the same price across all its partner networks.

Bonnet also offers flexible payment paths, allowing you to pay as you charge or order a Refill plan at subsidised rates. Since you do not need to look for cheaper chargers, you save time and money.

You can download Bonnet from the Google Play Store and the App Store for Apple iOS devices.


Zap-Map is easily one of the better known EV charging apps in the UK. Unlike many in its category, Zap-Map is not a charging station network. Instead, the app helps connect electric vehicle drivers to the nearest public charge points and stations. The app is also easy to use, although the user interface might appear somewhat clunky and dated.

How does Zap-Map find a public charging station that matches your car’s model and connector type? With the app, users can tailor the search to their specific EV model and connector type using filters. Note that support for charging networks is unavailable on Zap-Map.

Pod Point

With over 1,700 public charge points, Pod Point is another electric car charging app in the region. Want to know the best part? Many of the public charging stations available on Pod Point are entirely free to use. The few paid charge points do not require membership fees, making it one of the most user-friendly.

Pod Point partners with several brands and competitors in the car charging industry, including Tesla and Lidl. With widespread and easily accessible charging stations and a powerful in-app route planner, Pod Point stands head and shoulders above several competitors. However, some users have complained of difficulty connecting the app to their devices.


Tesla is the world’s most successful EV manufacturer, so it is only natural to find the Tesla app in this article. With over 700 charging points in about ninety accessible locations, Tesla is one of the best car charging apps in the UK.

Most Tesla charge points can charge EVs by other brands, and the first ten miles come at no cost, while subsequent charging will cost around 22–32 pence per kilowatt-hour. The Tesla app is easy to use and does not charge card payments.


Although GeniePoint car charging stations are concentrated mainly in the southern part of England, they are spread out nicely throughout the region. You can find GeniePoint EV chargers in the forecourt of gas stations, supermarkets, malls, cars, and government-owned buildings.

To use GeniePoint, you have to register an account with the company. The charging app is renowned for its responsive customer service.


If you need an option that shares essential information concerning available charging stations, PlugShare is your go-to charging app. A famous brand, it displays a lot of information concerning the charging station, like its location, compatible models, and the type of plug it supports.

PlugShare also has a route planning feature that helps you navigate to the charging point and a review section where users can share their experiences with the app and the charging stations they use. Unlike Bonnet, PlugShare works with a single network.

BP Pulse

If you do not have EV chargers at home and can afford a weekly subscription fee, then BP Pulse is great for you. You get 5,000 charging points free of charge if you subscribe weekly, and charge points are spread across the UK, making it one of the most readily accessible among its competitors. BP Pulse also has active customer care.

Closing Thoughts

Electric vehicles and cars are great, but one big downside of driving them is having to find charging points along your route. Tesla, Chargeplace Scotland, Bonnet, and BP Pulse are some of the best charging apps in the UK. They are easy to use, have a broad reach, and offer great deals you may love. If you own an electric car in the UK, then you should consider using any one of these apps. Don’t forget to drive responsibly.

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